Bridge marketing research + Application

This study focuses on marketing to Hispanic segments in the Omaha, Nebraska region in promotion of life insurance. Easier said than done, this particular investigation takes into account that media is a vast and ever expanding landscape which demands flexibility from consumers and professionals alike. As well as, the innate desire of continual learning from those wishing to be successful in this industry. As the world of advertising strives to keep up with the ever changing technology outlook and the limitless desires of consumer markets, it’s important to remember that when in the business of advertising, one is more deeply rooted in the business of people.


A good marketer focuses on target markets and placing their message where their audience spends the most time, and presenting their message in a manner that engages said segmented target. Even more important than understanding what label to give a target market and which media outlet is the best way to reach them, is developing a deeper understanding of who the individuals are that make up your target market: brand loyalties, purchasing power, demographics, and market tendencies to name a few.


Understanding a target audience and how to effectively reach them begins with research and developing a marketing plan that best represents the desires of the audience. Being a successful advertiser doesn’t mean making the most money. It means connecting with your audience and creating a brand experience that develops trust, loyalty, and word of mouth marketing no campaign can buy.