Love & Family, Choosing Grace

Our modern culture attaches love to material items like chocolates, flowers, and expensive dates as well as physical acts of hugs, kisses, and sex. It's no wonder I was better at telling my high school boyfriends I loved them than I was at telling my own sisters! At least these boys bought me chocolates...right?

Imagine this…you’re about 10. Two younger sisters…7 and 2. It’s summer and the only things you really care about are cool softball bruises and how many different tan lines you can get from the swimming pool.


That was my first lesson.


But truly, I often question what "authority" I have to be writing about what I write. As if there's some unwritten rule that anyone short of "EXPERT" can form thoughts and ideas about a topic and then share them. Perhaps it's a form of self-doubt or an insecurity, but I'd argue it's largely in part to our lack of ability, practice and encouragement, to challenge the preconceived or prestablished authority, or any of the usual trolls who shoot down any of us dreamers or thinkers.


about me.

My vision for the world is a vibrant, bold and unified story. Whatever your journey looks like, find a way to share it.


Growing up in a family of business owners and operators requires resiliency and a kind of moxie you can't just pick up on the side of the street. This life doesn't give you a chance to slow down or you'll lag behind. That driving force has made me prompt and passionate about my ambitions. I embrace life long learning and collaborating.


Not everyone has the same story, but that doesn't mean there isn't value in it. Each life journey has value and teaches a lesson, even if you don't know how to tell yours yet. That's where the beauty of humanity begins.


Simple movements and expressions give way to the important pieces of our individual souls. The human connection is more than words can describe, and we've got to start somewhere. So what are you waiting for?

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